"A Bigger Picture" is a Vienna based Charity Project

100% of the earnings will go directly to "A Chance for Children"

15 different Photographers from 8 different countries


"Helping those in need is a big task, and should be supported in any possible way."A Chance for Children" helps

disadvataged children to be self-sufficent, which can be achieved through education.

With "A Bigger Picture" you can treat yourself / a friend with a cool print and do something good!" - Rafael Bittermann


Big thank you to the contributors:

fabolus_vienna, thomas_k, cpt_olf, tylersjourney, wayfaring_professional, sleepingforest1226, mikee.nguyen, jeroenvandam, f8edcolors, ghxst, domeynikk, chasing_freedom, mattwhishes, ryanmamba


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